Help, My Therapist Thinks I'm Spiritual!

The insistence that all humans are spiritual, and therefore professional counselors should address the spiritual component of their humanity, is about as useful as claiming, “All humans have a concept of the sun going down, therefore we should look for ways to strengthen and incorporate this geocentric concept into our experience.”


In the therapeutic relationship, it’s important to meet clients inside their own concepts and provide a context to explore new ways of understanding their experience without unduly imposing our own concepts on them. As therapists, this calls for holding our own concepts lightly and having enough humility and awareness to recognize that much of what we consider to be universal human experiences are socially constructed realities--concepts we’ve collectively bought into.


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Introducing The Healthy Deconversion Project

You were curious about your faith so you began to examine it more closely. Doubts gave way to basic questions which led you on a quest for knowledge. Before you knew it, you began to ask the big questions and to follow the evidence wherever it led. You tried your best to keep your faith intact as you discovered new information and you created space for uncertainty but despite your best effort…

…your faith failed you.

Initially, you thought there must be something wrong with you, but you came to understand it wasn’t so much a personal crisis of faith as it was...

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