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Losing your Faith is Difficult, Finding Your Way Doesn't Have to Be

I help former believers navigate their deconversion with clarity and purpose so they can get on with creating a life of vitality and meaning beyond belief.

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Hi, I'm Brian!

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About 15 years ago, I began my own deconversion journey, like many others, alone. Up until that point, I existed within a religious context that permeated every area of my life and shaped my reality.

I still remember the waves of conflicting emotions as my beliefs began to crumble under the weight of evidence — the heart-wrenching realization that not only had I suffered needlessly, but with my religious zeal I had unknowingly inflicted harm on others.

It wasn't until years later in graduate school that I finally discovered a framework for understanding my deconversion. It was the first of many aha moments I experienced in my clinical training as I began to adapt evidence-based practices to the process of deconversion.

More discoveries followed as I did my own work in therapy, connected with "post-theist" communities, and met my own guide who helped me clarify my personal values and create a plan for living a meaningful life.

Now, drawing from my professional experience, my personal journey, and the collective wisdom of fellow travelers, I guide others through the deconversion process.


feeling Stuck or overwhelmed? 

Take a transformative journey of self-discovery with an experienced guide and move through your deconversion with clarity and into your life with courage.

The Deconversion Clarity Package

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