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Pay What You Want

Welcome! If you’re here, there’s a good chance we’re about to do great work together or you’re settling up after we’ve already completed some group or individual coaching.

Pay What You Want

What is Pay What You Want Pricing?

Pay what you want pricing is pretty much just what it sounds like. You decide how much to pay for our work together.

It’s also a personal experiment and a way to live more deeply into my values of mutual respect, care, and trusting other humans. I do this work because I’m passionate about increasing human wellbeing and I trust your motivation for working together includes a similar desire for personal improvement.

How much should I pay?

The short answer is, whatever feels right to you and represents the value you received from our work together. But how do you place a value on something that helps you engage more fully in life or increases your wellbeing?

I could point out that coaching averages between $100-$300 for an individual session, $30-$90 for a group session, and over $1,000 for some coaching packages.

While this is true, I’ve discovered transformational work cannot be fully reimbursed with money and there will almost always be an outstanding balance of gratitude.

Perhaps the answer to, “How much should I pay?” is somewhere in the middle—a dollar amount that feels reasonable and a balance of gratitude we each carry forward into our lives.

When should I pay?

It’s totally up to you. In most cases, it makes sense to pay after you’ve received the service. However, there’s at least one exception worth considering. Have you ever signed up for a free class and then not participated? Yeah, me too. Anticipating the value of a service often enhances your experience. It’s a bit of a brain hack but it works!

What if I pay too much?

Pay what you want pricing allows you to determine how much you value our work together. If you pay more than what it’s worth to you personally, you’ve paid too much and are entitled a refund. However, if you choose to express your gratitude with an above-average payment that feels right to you, I’ll pass your generosity along to someone who can’t afford to pay as much as they would like.

Are there other ways to exchange value?

Absolutely! Money has earned the reputation of being the most convenient way to exchange value but it’s not the only way. Here are a few other options to exchange value and balance your account.

  • Refer a Friend - Marketing is expensive and referrals are like gold!

  • Share with Your Social Networks.

  • Write a Review - This is invaluable to me and to future coaching clients! You can leave a review on my Facebook page or Google. (Be sure to consider your privacy before leaving a public review.)

  • Write a Testimonial - I would love to hear how our work together made a difference in your life! Let me know if you wish to use your first name or remain anonymous.

  • Share a Skill - Do you have a skill or service that would support my work? Let me know!

Can I pay some now and some later?

For sure! You do whatever works for you. As mentioned above, paying in advance has the psychological advantage of helping you to be more invested and potentially gain more benefit from our work together. Maybe a small “down payment” makes the most sense and then you can settle up once you have a better idea of the value you received.

Pay What You Want

Thank You!

I’m grateful to do this work and your payment makes it more sustainable.