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Workshop Replays!

Here are Recordings of the LIVE Workshops!

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The Dark Side of Forgiveness [Replay]

After a few technical difficulties, the video joins the panel in the middle of introductions. Gretchen Meader is the first panelist speaking, followed by Ryan Bell, Brian Peck, and Anais Chartschenko. Enjoy the conversation!

I help former believers navigate their deconversion with clarity and purpose so they can get on with creating a life of vitality and meaning beyond belief.

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A Healthy Deconversion [Replay]

Thanks to everyone who attended LIVE and contributed to the discussion!

Below are timestamps for navigating the REPLAY

2:30 What do you call this process?

4:11 What were some the stages of your deconversion?

7:05 Q: What would an Unhealthy Deconversion look like?

8:56 Stages of Grief

9:09 Q: "Is it normal to not get angry?"

11:42 “I’ll never stop being angry.”

12:45 How much Time/Energy did you spend Studying, Thinking, Being aware of your emotions, and Living in new ways?

15:25 When your partner says, “You’re still a fundamentalist as a non believer” and they're not wrong.

17:14 Six core processes of Psychological Inflexibility

21:42 Six core processes of Psychological Flexibility

29:05 What does it feel like to be wrong? (it's not what you think)

36:38 Stuck in relationship to what we no longer believe

39:20 Q: "How do I respect my in-laws while not wanting them to convert my kids?"

45:56 Q: "When would you tell your kids about your non belief?"

49:37 Q: "I find it hard to stop thinking about my non belief constantly. How can I be with this experience?"

59:40 Q: "The Purity Culture I grew up in continues to impact my experience now. What can I do about these persistent thoughts and emotions?"

1:00:46 How to Live in New Ways while old beliefs/emotions are still there

1:06:17 Exploring Self-as Content, Self-as-Process, and Self-as-Context

1:12:15 Introducing The Healthy Deconversion Project

I'd be honored to work together!

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Discover Your "Self' After Religion [Replay]

In the workshop we...

  • Discussed how self functions within religion in unhealthy ways
  • Recognized when our humanity is limited by rigid concepts of self
  • Explored Self-as-Content, Self-as-Process, and Self-as-Context
  • Shared practical steps to improve your relationship to your Self after religion

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