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A Healthy Deconversion


Here's the REPLAY of the LIVE Workshop

Thanks to everyone who attended LIVE and contributed to the discussion!

Below are timestamps for navigating the REPLAY

2:30 What do you call this process?

4:11 What were some the stages of your deconversion?

7:05 Q: What would an Unhealthy Deconversion look like?

8:56 Stages of Grief

9:09 Q: "Is it normal to not get angry?"

11:42 “I’ll never stop being angry.”

12:45 How much Time/Energy did you spend Studying, Thinking, Being aware of your emotions, and Living in new ways?

15:25 When your partner says, “You’re still a fundamentalist as a non believer” and they're not wrong.

17:14 Six core processes of Psychological Inflexibility

21:42 Six core processes of Psychological Flexibility

29:05 What does it feel like to be wrong? (it's not what you think)

36:38 Stuck in relationship to what we no longer believe

39:20 Q: "How do I respect my in-laws while not wanting them to convert my kids?"

45:56 Q: "When would you tell your kids about your non belief?"

49:37 Q: "I find it hard to stop thinking about my non belief constantly. How can I be with this experience?"

59:40 Q: "The Purity Culture I grew up in continues to impact my experience now. What can I do about these persistent thoughts and emotions?"

1:00:46 How to Live in New Ways while old beliefs/emotions are still there

1:06:17 Exploring Self-as Content, Self-as-Process, and Self-as-Context

1:12:15 Introducing The Healthy Deconversion Project

Learn more about The Healthy Deconversion Project!

Discover Your "Self' After Religion

Here's a REPLAY of the LIVE Workshop

In the workshop we...

  • Discussed how self functions within religion in unhealthy ways
  • Recognized when our humanity is limited by rigid concepts of self
  • Explored Self-as-Content, Self-as-Process, and Self-as-Context
  • Shared practical steps to improve your relationship to your Self after religion