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A Group for Thriving After Religion

What would it be like to speak openly about your faith transition/deconversion with others who really "get it" and are there for you?

How would it feel to connect with fellow travelers in a safe and welcoming context facilitated by a mental health professional who specializes in religious trauma?

Imagine the progress you could make toward the life you want.

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I want to personally invite you to join a select group of individuals who are committed to learning, healing, and thriving after religion.

I’m super excited to offer this opportunity and I hope you can join us!

About 15 years ago, I began my own deconversion journey, like many others, alone. Up until that point, I existed within a religious context that permeated every area of my life and shaped my reality.

It wasn't until years later in graduate school that I finally discovered a framework for understanding my deconversion. It was the first of many aha moments I experienced in my clinical training as I began to adapt evidence-based practices to the process of deconversion.

More discoveries followed as I did my own work in therapy, connected with post-theist communities, and clarified my personal values with the help of a mentor.

Now, drawing from my professional experience, my personal journey, and the collective wisdom of fellow travelers, I guide others through the deconversion process.

-Brian Peck, LCSW


Ready to Get Started?

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Who Will Benefit From This Group?

  • Individuals who are in the process of ending their relationship with religion or who have already left.

  • Those who have been harmed by their experience within a religious context, or since leaving, have been dismissed, shunned, or rejected by their former community.

  • Individuals who find themselves stuck in unhelpful patterns after having left religion.

  • Former believers who want to experience a life of vitality and meaning beyond belief.

Whether you're just embarking on your deconversion journey or are fully on the other side of faith, you'll find support and resources in the group to help you get to the next level of healing and growth.

Others Are Saying...

"I want help moving through my deconversion so I can get on with living my life."

"Several of my relationships have been strained since I've come out as a nonbeliever. I want tools for a healthy mixed-faith relationship."

"After years of questions, doubts, and research, I'm done with the intellectual part of deconverting.  Now, I'm ready to do my personal work." 

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Premium Package:

1 Consultation in-person or phone/video (30 minutes) - $70 value

4 Interactive Group Sessions (90 minutes each) - $140 value

1 Individual Coaching Session (60 minutes) - $125 value

Exclusive access to a private online community

10% discount on additional coaching sessions and future groups

Over $335 in value

Investment: $195 (or 4 weekly payments of $49.00)

Value Package:

1 Consultation in-person or phone/video (30 minutes) - $70 value

4 Interactive Group Sessions (90 minutes each) - $140 value

Over $200 in value

Investment: $140 (or 4 weekly payments of $36.00)

Take the Next Step!


Group sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm.



6126 W State Street Suite 406 Boise, Idaho 83703

Group Session Dates:

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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What religious backgrounds is the group for?

The group will focus on human experiences that are common to leaving a faith tradition. Group members from varied backgrounds are welcomed including former Latter-day Saints, Evangelicals, Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims, and members of high-demand/high-control groups (cult).

Is this a peer-support group?

Not exactly. Peer-support groups serve many important roles, but this group will be more intentional in promoting health and well-being through evidence-based practices.

Is this a therapy group?

No. The group will be facilitated by a licensed mental health professional, but it is not intended to diagnose or treat a mental illness. The group will be structured around trauma-informed principles and will utilize healing-centered practices. *Individual mental health therapy is available.

Will this group help me answer the "God question?"

Probably not. However, there will be opportunities to discuss the psychology of belief and how beliefs function for humans. A deeper understanding of these processes can help you be more at ease with uncertainty and more connected to your experience.

Is this group for me if I want to remain in my religious community but in a way that's healthier for me?

Maybe. I don't have a destination in mind for group members, and if remaining in your community or transitioning to another form of spirituality is what works best for you, I support you in your journey. However, this group is designed to be a welcoming place for individuals who've discovered organized religion no longer works for them. I'm happy to speak with you to determine if this group would meet your needs.

Why are you offering this group?

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding non-belief, and the process of leaving religion continues to be a painful and difficult life transition for many. Individuals who make it through the intellectual process of deconversion often remain stuck inside the “now what?” question.

We’re social creatures, and we benefit from connecting around shared human experiences.

Have another question?

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