I acknowledge the courage you bring to this moment as you prepare to take a step towards a more meaningful life. In my experience, there's a constrictive quality to suffering. Suffering can feel like there's not enough room to move or function - much less to thrive.

It is a feeling of being stuck.

As it turns out, there are a lot of ways we humans get stuck and our struggle to free ourselves from suffering often results in even more suffering and, well..."stuckness."

Perhaps your visit to this website represents yet another attempt to get unstuck from a veritable quicksand of difficult thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. While trying harder makes intuitive sense, sometimes our efforts are unhelpful and may even contribute to our suffering.

Pause with me.

Let's observe the room available to us here now.

Notice the space between the difficult stuff that preceded this moment and the step you're about to take in a new direction.

Imagine if life had a little more room in each moment--more flexibility, more meaning, and more vitality.


Therapy is not so much about getting rid of the difficult stuff as it is discovering room to live a life that matters.


Whether it's the weight of depression, the paralysis of anxiety, or the inertia around a difficult life transition, I welcome the opportunity to join you in discovering new ways to move towards what matters with more flexibility and purpose.

I'm confident there's enough room in this moment to take an important step in the direction of what deeply matters to you.