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Grieving the Living

A Post-Belief Reflection on the Losses of Deconversion.

When someone dies, Americans know what to do. We don’t like to grieve publicly, but we know what to do, and we are good at doing those things. We bake casseroles. We fly home—real home—the middle of the middle of South Carolina. We hug cousins. We mingle at a musty funeral home. We console. Sometimes we look. We bury. (Or we burn. We scatter.) We cry. We eat. We tell stories. We watch filmstrips. We sing.

In the Southern Baptist tradition, funerals are often… [read more]

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How and Why We Believe - Part 2

“So you don’t believe in Jesus?”

I said, “I believe he was probably a person. There’s some evidence that yes, there was a person named Jesus but I don’t believe he was born of a virgin. No, I don’t, mom.” And her question was,

“Are you still a good person?”

And because I’m me, I said, “I’m not really clear what good means but yes, I want to help people, I care about people, I like people. And I really love you.” That worked enough for her. 

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